Dedong Zheng (born in 1981) made his first acquaintance with the traditional Chinese painting around 1990, when he was only seven years old, and began to learn traditional Chang’an painting style as an apprentice of his own uncle, famous Chinese painter Jinping Lee, when he was nine. Since then, it is almost every summer that Dedong, together with his uncle, goes to the mountains to observe and to search.

Graduated from Donghua university in Shanghai, in 2010 he obtained a PhD in the field of landscape architecture in Berlin University of the Arts (dissertation title: The Integration of Arts: Comparative Study Between Eastern and Western Landscape Architecture). Currently teaching at the Art Institute of Southeast University in Nanjing, Jiangsu, China, he serves at the institute of Landscape and Tourism of Southeast University as the deputy director as well. In 2011, he won the Title of “Visiting Scientist” honored by Leibniz University of Hannover (LUH) in Germany. In 2013 he worked as a visiting professor at Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, United States. Now he has been a member of the Organizing Committee of the International Kinetic Art Organization (Korea) and the International academic sculpture Center (ISC) (United States).

Working with different techniques, mostly ceramics, sculpture, traditional Chinese painting, Dedong has presented his works in more than 20 individual and group exhibitions and participated in around 40 landscape sculpture and urban architecture projects in China, Japan, Germany, and United States. Many museums and galleries in Florida (USA), Nanjing, Xi’an, Beijing, Shanghai, Jingdezhen, Yixing (China), Hannover, Berlin (Germany), Brisbane (Australia) have acquired Dedong’s works.

In 2016, during his stay as visiting professor at the Vilnius Academy of Arts, Dedong Zheng has started collaboration with ek-art gallery. As a result of this collaboration, the cycle of Vilnius city inspired paintings was created and exhibited in solo show “Dedong Zheng. Double awareness” at Marija and Jurgis Šlapeliai Museum (Vilnius, 2016) and at the International Art Fair ArtVilnius`17 (Vilnius, 2017).

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